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Thief: Deadly Shadows

Box art, Garret's shadow looking dramatic on a rooftop, with a shiny knife in his hand

2004 - PC - Ion Storm

A fun and scary stealth game! Until recently, this was the only Thief game I was brave enough to play. For a given value of brave :) I was proud of myself when, in my late teens, I finally managed to play through the 2nd half of the Cradle without screaming (too much). Oh my god... what a fun level design though. I don't want to say why, just in case I'm spoiling you, all these years later. It is so so so fun the first time, though! And later times too, but nothing tops that first moment when you realise what's going on!

Also Garrett was one of my first video game crushes... I love his voice! And his terrible personality. I wanted to be Viktoria...

You can get it here - get the first two games too whilst you're there :)