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I have two Fallout tumblrs, yourtrustyvault13canteen and craigbooneyouremine (great right??) and I've made a little tag directory here on the shrines page to help you navigate them!



I made Fallout fanart in dollmakers :)


I have some FNV mods - a texture mod to wash the Followers' grubby coats a little, and face mods for Boone, Arcade and Julie!


My main Fallout thing, apart from THINKING ABOUT FALLOUT, is writing fanfic. I list my finished fics and WIPs in varying states of completion on my fanfic page :)

I love the Fallout series! I got into them in about 20131 with the encouragement of some tumblr friends who swore, as an Elder Scrolls fan, I'd like FO3 and FNV... even though they were half scary zombie games, half boring no-elves RPGs.

THEY WERE RIGHT!!!!!!! I love Fallout a lot

... maybe I didn't at the time? I liked it an ordinary amount, and thought of FO3 and the half of FNV (I got confused with the end game quests...) that I played here and there for years after with some fondness. Like how I still feel now about Neverwinter Nights, come to think of it. 2

But in summer 20203 I went insane and decided I was now a diehard FNV fan who absolutely had to play again. So I did. And I decided to write a novelisation (the latter was closer to a conscious decision, though it still wasn't really one at all) and here I am, having (finally!) finished FNV and its DLCs with equal grief and joy, having played FO1 with great affection and FO2 with great annoyance, making my way downtown, walking fast through FO4 (I've finished the main quest and now it's time to decide what DLC to do first!)

Boone/Courier 4EVA

My favourite games: Fallout 1 and Fallout: New Vegas. I like the feel of these games (the desert - the mix of devastation and rebuilding - it's strange but wondrous, and not too sad). I like the stories: FO1's story is like the beginning of FO3 (also great) and the end of FO4 (cool ideas, but I think they fumbled it); FNV's story has most similarity to FO2, but, though the Enclave are my fave bad guys, I like the way FNV has more real players. These two games also have most of my favourite companions and side characters.

My favourite companions: Boone, Arcade, Christine, Ian, Katja, Piper, Nick, Cassidy, Lenny, Miria and Myron (I unironically like Myron... yes OBVIOUSLY I want to wring his horrid little neck, we ALL do, but I also feel really maternally disposed towards him. I could have set him straight!! (or not))

Do we still have waifus and husbandos? Wtf is a "comfort character"? Anyway, you can all keep your filthy hands off Ian, Miria, Boone and Piper. Or, talk to me about how nice you think they would be to get your irradiated mitts all over, up to you.

I love my wife Miria ❤

My liking for Miria is totally uncomplicated, she is my WIFE. And being unable to get her through the oil rig in one piece with my speech-oriented character is probably my no.1 reason for hating FO2! When I found out the fanboys hate her I mentally declared war (not physically, because... speech-oriented character, you see...)

Mr. House is my real dad. Also he adopted me. Also I kill him normally. I love him.

My favourite other characters are probably the same as anyone's: Tandi, Nicole, Moira, Sunny Smiles, Ranger Ghost, Primm Slim, Cliff Briscoe, Julie Farkas, Corporal Betsy, Swank, Mr. House, Follows Chalk, Joshua Graham, Dr. Mobius, Vadim Bobrov, Proctor Ingram... or is all that just me?

The Vault Dweller was a woman! Her name was Natalia Dubrovhsky! She hit on Tandi but got turned down! Because Tandi's straight!

I have a complicated little Fallout universe I'm building that connects my FO1, FO2, FO3 and FNV characters. And yeah I have just one of each, really.

Well, I can't take credit for the Vault Dweller-Chosen One connection: mine are grandmother and granddaughter in exactly the same way. But I've decided Catherine-the-Lone-Wanderer's mother (Catherine Dubrovhsky in my world) was the Chosen One's cousin.

And my Courier is just ~me but Fallout~, but she gets into the Dubrovhsky family tree by marrying Boone (after they get over their respective widow(er) problems). He's a great-great-grandson of the Vault Dweller: his mom was another Dubrovhsky, who was one of the Arroyo villagers abducted by the Enclave, primarily for that juicy Boone-Arcade angst!!!

Are you a Fallout fan too???

Join the Fallout fanlisting! :D

Fallout series fanlisting

1 I asked my Fallout friends on tumblr if I should buy FO3 and/or FNV for £3.74 2013-07-14 17:20:47. This was also 2 days before I got my cats :o I was playing FO3 on the 15th with an xbox controller I don't remember owning, and it made me dizzy so I stopped? But I was still playing in August and having fun.

Thing is, I was sure I only played FNV in 2015. It looks from some folder dates on my pc like I started another FO3 game 07/05/2015, got ~30 hours in by 19:33 10/05/2015, stopped there, and my FNV folder was created 20:25 10 ‎May ‎2015... but the FO3 folder was also created on the 7th when I was definitely playing in 2013 so idk :( When did I start FNV for the first time?!‏‎ It looks like May 2015 was when I started playing both games with mods, at least? It could have been my first FNV playthrough and I only played 1/2 days (until the 12th) without mods? (My total FO3 playtime was 96 hours when I looked this up, so my first playthrough was ~66 hours? But I still don't know about FNV!) Oh... I got my first FNV steam achievement on the 10th of May! So I guess it really was then. But why did I replay FO3 before starting FNV? I must have really hated the look of it lmao.

2 Am I going to go NWN insane too? I was totally in love with the emo blue bloke off the DLC... and I liked the boring proto-Alistair and -Zevran in the first game, too... the fire girl?? Which game was she in? Hmm...

3 According to my browser history, which I automatically scrub of a lot of potentially relevant stuff like search results just because they're the majority, I was looking at a vault girl pip boy FNV mod on 04/11/2019 13:59. Literally why. Why was I doing that. That's where it got me. That's where I was infected. It took half a year to progress. They could have given me a bunch of piss-awful rabies jabs or something and maybe I would have been okay.