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My fan shrines

I'd like to make old-fashioned shrines on my site, but nowadays I'm so concerned about reposting art. That was never a thing back in the day. Neither was crediting artists, and I'm glad that one has changed, at least. So, here are my tumblrs, which are like very large, well-organised shrines! :)


My main fallout blog, yourtrustyvault13canteen, has some generic tags as well as the game/character-specific ones: landscapes and locations, music, misc. tag including everything I don't have a tag for, like game items, memes, real world, dialogue, etc. ... but not including hats (cowboy, red beret, detective, and more) and cats!!!

Fallout 1

Characters: The Vault Dweller (Natalia Dubrovhsky), Ian, Katja, Dogmeat, Nicole, Laura

Factions/groups: Followers of the Apocalypse (same tag for FNV)

❤ boone ❤

Do you love Boone?!? Me too!!!

He's just so... well he isn't hot. And he isn't nice. And he isn't smart... But hey, he has a big gun and he knows how to use it, yeah?

I made an entire side account for Booneposting: craigbooneyouremine (which is now, hilariously, my tumblr main). I only tag specifically Boone/Courier stuff, because everything else is just ❤❤ BOONE 24/7 ❤❤

❤ boone ❤

Fallout 2

Characters: The Chosen One, Miria, Goris, Arch Dornan

Factions/groups: The Enclave

Fallout 3

Characters: The Lone Wanderer, James, Butch DeLoria, Moira, Charon, Dogmeat

Fallout: New Vegas

Companions: Arcade Gannon, Craig Boone, Veronica Santangelo, Rose of Sharon "Cass" Cassidy, Raul Alfonso Tejada, Lily, ED-E, Rex

DLC companions: Follows Chalk, Joshua Graham, Christine Royce, Dean Domino, Dog, Ulysses

Other characters: The Courier, Benny, Doc Mitchell, Sunny Smiles, Malcolm Holmes, Ranger Ghost, Vulpes Inculta, Cliff Briscoe, Manny Vargas, Jessup, Corporal Betsy, Julie Farkas, The King, Mr. House, Swank, Yes Man, Caesar, Siri, Joana, ❤ nightstalkers!! ❤

Factions/groups: Followers of the Apocalypse (same tag for FO1), Enclave remnants, NCR

Locations & misc: Dinky the T-Rex (he's a character too really ❤), Vault 22, Lucky 38

Fallout 4

Characters: The Sole Survivor, Dogmeat, Preston Garvey, Piper Wright, Paladin Danse, Nick Valentine, Hancock, Robert Joseph MacCready, Deacon, Edward Deegan