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  • 01/2022 Skyrim, Dirt Rally

    I started playing Skyrim SE again, after installing it for the first time last summer, getting all my mods ready, and then they hit me with the AE. But I'm just ignoring that. It can't hurt me if I don't look.

    I also started playing Dirt Rally, which I've owned for ages after buying it after a free weekend (... after it had then sat on my wishlist for ages). I'm really awful at it* - I have a special achievement for finishing a race with the most pathetic burning pile of metal ever to be called a car - but I love it. I haven't really played a racing game since the old Colin McRae games, and it was in looking up how to spell that name I learnt that Dirt Rally is actually part of that series. No wonder it felt familiar!

    * The game claims constant acceleration is a poor strategy and punishes me for it with trees and cliffs. I don't agree! But I've been thinking about my poor navigator and occasionally, when he sounds very upset, not pressed the go faster button, which obviously hasn't improved my times.

  • 02/2022 Disco Elysium, Fallout 4

    I bought Disco Elysium in January after meaning to for a while because of all the good things I'd heard about it. I played it from the 17th to the 21st (actually the morning of the 22nd). That's actually a really fast purchase-to-playing for me. And I absolutely adored it. I'm going to try to forget it a bit and then play again, but I'll probably play a similar Harry (high INT and PSY, Shivers and Perception as high as I could get them under these constraints).

    It's been too long since I played a game that kept me up thinking about it. I can just think about it right now and want to scream. I miss Kim! And everything that happens in the church, or, I guess, everything I chose to do, will be in my heart forever.

    I got Fallout 4 last summer, and I guess I was playing it before I decided to pivot back to Skyrim?? My save was like 3 days long, but I'd not gotten anywhere close to finishing the main quest. Too busy going on dates with Piper I guess. Well, I had to play something after finishing DE, so why not... the game where most conversations/quests only have one route...

    I didn't get FO4 for a long time because I can't stand voiced protagonists in RPGs where you make your own character (even in DE where you're only half-making your own version of Harry, I couldn't stand having his thoughts voiced). I also despise dialogue wheels. But wonderful modders have fixed these issues, so it's tolerable. And I finally found my useless bastard son. Shot him in the face. Reloaded because I didn't want to lock myself out of the shooting-him-in-the-face quest. Played that quest. Realised shooting him in the face was technically optional, after shooting him the face. But oh man. I really wanted to shoot him in the face.

  • 03/2022 Fallout 4, Divinity: Original Sin

    My FO4 save is now over 5 days long and I still haven't gotten to the DLC. I tried to just finish up some lingering Minutemen quests. Just because I sided with the BoS, doesn't mean I don't support them too.

    The FO4 veterans know what a rookie mistake that was. If I ever start a new FO4 game, I think I will do what my friend told me she does and just pretend I can't see Concord when I leave Sanctuary... feels evil though! I don't mind saving Preston and his lot, I just want them to let me get on with my own life after :( Defend your own fucking settlements! It's the minute-woman according to these lazy arses. Maybe I will give the general's outfit to Preston and fucking leg it, then it's legally his problem, right?

    The radio station is sick though.

    For about 3 years, my husband and I have been slogging our way through Divinity Original Sin. It's so bad, but we persevere. The fighting is actually pretty fun even though the story is simultaneously ludicrous and boring (and this game does things like assume if you have a player 1 and 2 that player 1 is a man and player 2 is a woman... I'm not even getting into the quest where the 'good' ending is to be like 'femicide is one thing, not forgiving your husband's ghost for murdering you is quite another!!').

    I realised we're playing the ~enhanced edition~, so I was like, oh, I guess the original game is super old and that's why-- No. It's from fucking 2014. And this, for some reason, was my birthday treat to myself. But, like I said, it's inexplicably fun. Maybe it depends on who you're playing with :)

    Our DOS:EE save is corrupted with an old bug that never got fixed: now we can't go back to Cyseal. I'm hoping we don't necessarily have to? Oh well!

  • 15/03/2022 Dishonored

    When I bought Disco Elysium back in January, it was because a new dreamwidth friend had bought it in the steam sale. And I never knew it was on sale because it wasn't on my wishlist because I always forgot about it by the time I was browsing steam, and because I hate 99% of what is tagged "visual novel", I'd blocked that tag in the store, and it has that tag (it's not a fucking novel though? It's 90% classic RPG, 10% point-and-click) so I never saw it browsing. Anyway, all this is besides the point (on top of being nigh incomprehensible as a sentence).

    The point is, I also bought the whole Dishonored series at the same time, on her recommendation. She liked it enough to be offering to buy it for anyone who asked(!), but I'd only just met her + I hardly ever play games promptly, so it felt cheeky to take her up on it. I'm really happy I bought them.

    I started playing the first one yesterday, on the 15th. It's so fun! It's like a modern Thief game. I used to love Thief, and fucking Thi4f or whatever it's called is one of the few games I've ever gotten a steam refund for. It was making me physically sick to play, plus it was such a letdown right from the start (why is master thief Garrett having a shouting conversation on the sneaky rooftops?! I will literally never forgive or forget that)

    But aww I love knocking people out and dragging their bodies around in a magical industrial fantasy setting!! Can't believe I never really heard of these games before. The rats are certainly a novel twist... never had to worry about your little body collection getting eaten by swarms of rats in Thief... And, I guess it's kinda cheap, but I love the teleport power as an alternative to rope arrows, Thief 3's gloves etc. - it's functionally the same really, but easier to work out what the game is going to let you do or not.

    Also, I don't even really know what Corvo looks like (I bet he doesn't look as pretty as his wanted posters after the opening sequence), but he can absolutely get it. Just like Garrett could. I don't even have the excuses of the voice and the personality this time. Maybe it just primed me to him. Yeah! Having fun!

  • 17/03/2022 Dishonored

    I had to start Dishonored again yesterday (the 17th). I was having this super irrating steam cloud issue, even though I tried to fix it by not just synching anything I could, but flat out turning it all off when that didn't work. But still, on Disco Elysium, which I hadn't played for like a week at the time of this stupid bug starting, ~~STEAM CLOUD ERROR!!!!!!!!!~~ so ugly. And then it was on some other games too and I was like oh okay nuclear option time. But I did not understand exactly how that shit worked (not a good idea for the nuclear option anything right?) and yeah someone permanently deleted her Dishonored save. You know what the funniest part is? There's still a bunch of crap still on that stupid cloud I could download if I wanted to, but not my fucking actual game I'm playing that I never synced to no stupid cloud but was still there before aaarghhh!

    But I'm fine. It's a fun game and quicker the 2nd time around. Soon I'll be back where I was (which is: damp zombie hell, always my least favourite Thief level, but at least going around giving people brain damage reduces contagious disease levels I guess???) And this time I did some fun things like... branding the evil priest THEN killing him. Killing the posh twins and THEN turning in the favour I needed to deal with them non-lethally... and I'm still lapping myself hehe :) Also I cut someone's fucking head off! Didn't even know you could, that's how little fighting I've been doing. I was like :O but I guess Corvo was just like *mask*

  • 19/03/2022 Dishonored

    I finished Dishonored! And I found out Corvo looks INSIPID! I hate it! I was okay with pretty boy OR fucked up face weirdo sneaky man... he looks like milk, but soggier I'm gonna play the DLCs I guess. They do not look interesting to me and I nearly didn't buy them but the friend who recommended the series said they're really good... If I don't like them, I can just go straight to the 2nd game! Maybe I will be evil... I don't think I have the heart to replay the first game main quest as evil though. (I say that like I'm some delicate flower and didn't reload and kill most of the targets multiple times for fun lmao. Daud especially, I was trying to work out the most painful way. In the end, pincushion seemed to be the best. But I realised too late: it was setting him on fire! I worked that out by setting Havelock on fire, but in the end I just arrested him because ~what will Emily think~ but the ending was the same either way. so. I wish I just set him on fire really. Let's say I did.) They were both so annoying. "I'm literally not gonna fight you Corvo :( :( :( :( HAHA PSYCHE - AHH FUCK, GUARDS!!!!" and "I'm sooooo contrite, and I'm not obviously saying this just after I said I know Corvo is here... :( :( :( maybe fighting Corvo will make me feel better from my terrible grief about what I did to his family :)"

    I hope the voice acting is better in whichever one I play next. So many real actors doing such a piss poor job, it's unbelievable the names they had and what they did with them. I liked Sunny Smiles though and whoever was doing Samuel. It didn't stop me enjoying the whole game, though!

  • 25/03/2022 The Sims 3

    The Sims 3 bug bit again a few days ago and that's what I've been doing and will be doing for the foreseeable future. Oh my god I missed this game!!!

  • 04/2022 The Sims 3

    I'm still playing TS3 :) Or, playing tiny bits to test my lots I'm building for Monte Vista, at least!

  • 14/05/2022 Kyrandia 2: Hand of Fate

    After making lots of progress with Monte Vista at the end of April, I... stopped playing sims lmao. I think I will get back into it soon. I haven't been playing a lot of games this month so far because I've been writing HTTWSB (and another new Fallout WIP because there's something wrong with me). On steam I've "played" a little FNV but I was just researching really.

    One game I have been playing in little spurts is Kyrandia 2: Hand of Fate. New to the diary but not new in any other sense, and one of my favourite games ever. I just left the best part of the game apart from the rainbow potions part at the end: the sandwich making part lmao. When I was little I could spend hours making cheese and mustard but I only did it about 3 unnecessary times this time. I hope Zanthia isn't too hungry.

    Further proof of my changing playstyle is how I was convinced she'd die if I made her eat two pieces of taffy. I was telling my husband to watch and she just... wouldn't die lmao. I think it was like 10 pieces or something ridiculous like that before she carked it. But in my head it was just "omg if she eats two she will die!!"

  • 05/2022 Fallout 4

    I've been playing more FO4. I did the Vault 88 DLC. It was pretty fun :) I want an aromatherapy exercise bike...

  • 05/06/2022 Kyrandia 2: Hand of Fate

    I'm still playing HoF. (For maybe the first time, I finished every Volcania sales quest and the ends are sooo funny.) I just arrived in the land of teddy bears and bullfighting and maybe Zanthia's prettiest outfit :)

    Today I'm either gonna play more of that or maybe I'm gonna start Huntdown which I bought recently 'cause it was on offer and looked really fun. If not, I'll be messing around in FO4 because I can't decide whether to do the Nuka Cola DLC or the other one (the other big one I mean... you know what I mean... I forgot what it's called. Is it "Far Harbor" or is that the super scary and gross FO3 one that made me stop playing that game way back when? brrr)

  • 15/05/2022 Wasteland, Huntdown

    As usual, everything I said previously is a lie. After talking to my best Fallout friend, I think I might actually do the robot one next when I next play FO4 (this too is probably a lie). I did start Huntdown later in that week and it's fun but it made my shoulders tense lmao. Today I started Wasteland.

    God I don't miss this era of gaming. I like to see my little people walking around, it's important to me. Anyway I suck at this game, I think you really need to be looking at the manual and I'm too lazy (something else I am glad is not a thing any more, but I kind of miss reading manuals to get myself hyped for a new game?). I didn't know you could make characters for example until I just read it in a walkthrough. Maybe I will do this so we don't all die in a field fighting a fun variety of rats and rat-like creatures. (We didn't die but I got fed up of trying to open the doors... maybe we would die if I had kept playing) Looking for my DOOR PROBLEM in this walkthrough, I skimmed over a lot of the plot. It sounds really silly lmao, this is why I can't play Ultima either. Buttttt I like the weird mutated carrots so idk I will probably keep hacking away at this one.

    My husband also has the sequel (they are not his kind of games at all and he doesn't remember buying them so I guess it was some humble bundle or something?) so maybe I will give that a spin whether or not I finish the first game. But if it's too fun I will have to buy it myself so I'm not using his steam library all the time. And I might see if it's on GOG if I do! If I like 2 I'm fucked because I can't run 3. I'm seriously not ready to fulfil my linux gamer destiny. Just let me stay on W7 for another decade or two okay?

    I want to play Fallout 1 again... I will but I want to both finish 4 and give Tactics a spin first. This probably isn't more lies - I mean, maybe I will fail to resist Natalia's siren call long enough to commit to that order, but I will definitely play all 3 of those games at some point in the future lmao.

  • 10/07/2022 Fallout Tactics, Fallout

    I got bad at updating this - I guess 'cause I wasn't playing games much. I started Fallout Tactics on the 6th or 7th and gave up today. It's just not very fun. I put it in turn based mode 'cause I thought that was the problem, but today my "... I could be playing FO1" reached a tipping point. (Even my hot-weather-induced Farsight/Stitch shipping couldn't save it.)

    So I started Fallout again. (I played it for the first time at the start of 2021, I think?) I looooooove this game. ♥ (I'm still playing my slightly customised Natalia, but I have lower charisma this time because I believed the 'it doesn't matter' brigade, to my shame - and I had to pay for Ian :/ PLUS he shoots me all the time now and never did last time. Seriously thinking this is related. He isn't in love with me this time, but I'm still in love with him ;_; Hmm also I went small frame + gifted this time which is the basis of my FO3/FNV builds too :D) Anyway, I think I thought it had FO2 party size rules so I never bothered trying to recruit Tycho 'cause I had my Ian-Katja-Dogmeat dream team. This time I can get to know him too :) And I have a feeling the fighting will be easier with him, haha! So maybe I will savescum less (MAYBE)

    I just love this kind of combat so much. I wanna replay DAO too. I just fucking love positioning my little dollies, who are IN LOVE, and it wasn't good enough reload and try the whole fight again and gooddddddddddddddd I just love it I love it I love it I love being a backstabbing rogue or my FO1 version which is eye-punching acrobat lmao. I do wish the AI in this game was a little better. I'm about to retry the Khans fight 'cause it was going okay but Ian just kept fucking running off for no reason (like just because he's a dumbfuck who didn't know who to attack, he wasn't retreating. And this bloke thinks Seth don't know what he's doing? And is probably right? Shady Sands is such a disaster but I love it lmao). (And another charisma thing? or maybe that I went to the raiders before needing to save Tandi last time? But I never got Garl being like 'lol just murder these slaves <3' so idk if that's even different this time at all.)

    As soon as I finish this update I'm loading it up again. I almost feel sick with how much I love this game, which may also be hunger for my dinner that is in the oven now that I think of it, but it really could just be emotion. I fucking love this game so much!!! Why does FO2 suck so much lmao. Whatever, it doesn't matter, we still have FO1 ❤

  • 15/07/2022 Fallout, Divinity: Original Sin, Waku Waku 7, Magical Drop 3

    I've been playing more FO1. I kind of don't like having Tycho around. It's not very romantic. He might die in that house that attacks you in the Hub unless I decide to give up on it for now (why am I sooo weak when I specced more for combat and have a bigger party??)

    Also been playing some more DOS:EE with my husband today :) The inventory management side of that game is an absolute pain in the arse, and the story sucks, but the combat is so fun.

    And I just decided to load up MAME and finally try and beat the settings into shape and actually play something. I discovered 2 things: I am old and suck at Waku Waku 7 now (I can't do Arina's tornado move for the life of me!!), and I'm still excellent at Magical Drop 3, but I never used to play it with ctrl+alt on a keyboard with a stupid windows key in the middle. So I remapped to z+x for tomorrow but ugh my fingers are still sore rn lmao. And now I'm more serious about getting a proper fucking keyboard. I hate this thin weak piece of shit so much!!

    What I need to know: do my wrists and hands generally suck nowadays because I gave up on MAME, or did I wreck my adult wrists in my youth? Well, if it's the latter, it's a sacrifice I'm glad to have made for sports or the arts or whatever button mashing counts as. But, the way my hands feel rn apart from my left two main fingers being so unhappy and stretched, I think it's good for my forearm muscles!

    Combination of getting an update on a Disco Elysium fic I was subscribed to and some of its ost coming up in my playlist as I'm updating this has me maybe wanting to start that again tomorrow... I love those Martinaise horns.

  • 16/07/2022 Metal Slug 2

    Okay - I'm good at Metal Slug 2 still, too :) Though rusty. It's funny what I remember and don't. I remembered most of the secrets in the Egypt level - though I messed up with the archaelogist and felt really bad when she got turned, I didn't even know it could happen. How many times have I played that level? It's my favourite, I think (even though the sunbathing soldiers in the next(?) level are funnier to me).

    The reason for this MAME kick is partially me realising I have to play lots of computer games or I get even more mentally ill, and partially I was having a mooch in the steam store and found loads of neogeo games you can buy. Some I even wanted/had heard of, like MS2, and also KoF '98 and Garou. And the prices are fine? But like, I already have these games lmao. BUT! I might buy MS2 because it has level select and yeah, I adore the 2nd level sooo much and would be happy just playing it repeatedly for hours probably.

    What to play now? Still iffy about this FO1 playthrough (I guess I can push through, then start again with my ~doomed romance~). My husband is busy rn so no DOS:EE until the evening at least. I could swallow my old lady pride and see if I'm any better at WW7 with my new keybindings (which I HATE - I apparently have serious shift-bomb MS2 muscle memory that doesn't want to use the a key even when it's the right place vs z and x). Idk if I want to start DE in this stupid heatwave, that's a cold weather game. I played it at exactly the right time before (well, I think the game takes place in March, but, yeah, late spring springing all around!)

    Maybe I'm gonna play Quake 3 Arena (one of the embarrassingly many games I've bought on steam despite I'm sure I've still got a cd somewhere, but maybe it's not W7 compatible, idk). Maybe the bots are going to hand me my elderly arse and I'll limp away to play one of these many miserable-looking ~narrative~ games I've found I've accumulated on steam through organising my library (gotta be from humble bundles?). OR maybe it will prove that I still have it!!!!! I still have it, I still have it... (Really though, my grandma was playing fps games 'til she couldn't use the computer any more for arthritis. This is in my blood!! And if all else fails, I am sure I can defeat baby-difficulty Crash.)

  • 21/07/2022 HEAT EXHAUSTION

    My house is finally cool enough for me to game again. Not my pc - it was coping admirably - me! And my brain...

  • 25/07/2022 Magical Drop 3, Fallout: New Vegas modding

    I'm so bad at playing games. I planned to play something that night and didn't. Actually, I think I've been playing more Magical Drop 3 here and there.

    Today I decided to do what I've been meaning to for a while and redo my FNV radio replacements. I also a week or two ago got around to checking out all the cut/original/whatever radio songs (apart from the one I have known and loved since I was a teenage girl: Black Coffee by Peggy Lee :D) and decided on a few to use as replacements for my old replacements (which were just kind of 'oldies' - at least one was from FO3).

    If you're curious: Begin Again > Black Coffee, I'm Movin' Out > I'm a Fool to Fool Around With You (Hank Thompson), Love Me as Though There Were No Tomorrow > I'll Hold You In My Heart (Eddy Arnold), Sit and Dream > Goodbye Old Paint (Johnny Bond), and Where Have You Been All My Life > Under a Blanket of Blue (Helen Forrest).

    I actually like (You Let The Blues Move In) Now I'm Movin' Out, I think it's just a bit obviously modern and kind of stands out. The other modern ones blend in better for me. And now we have 2 Eddy Arnold, Johnny Bond and Helen Forrest tracks, and 3 Peggy Lee :)

    I guess I will load FNV and test them. I don't think I'll either progress with my ED-E - Veronica - Legion playthrough or start a new one. There are some other mods I want to try out too I guess. I'm so indecisive and picky!

    Okay - gotta remember to reduce them by about 17db apparently. ouch. Been too long since I did the first batch.

  • 08/2022 Fallout: New Vegas brain disorder

    I've been writing again, which is great, but the only game I've played is FNV to look at locations for my fic. But it inspired me to finally fix my longstanding audio problem!!

  • 10/08/2022 Two Point Hospital

    Last night, I finally started Two Point Hospital. It's fun - and it must be years since I played Theme Hospital but all the buttons must be in the same place because I took to it like a duck to water. But, I think the staff AI is not so good, especially the janitors. I don't remember the original being this micromanange-y and in any case a new game shouldn't repeat old mistakes!

    Also... I hate how flat and big the interface is. I feel like I'm playing a mobile game. I do like the new silly illnesses though. I wish this had been more of a real sequel with some of the old illnesses too. I really miss some of them. Well, maybe just Bloaty Head lmao.

  • 15/08/2022 Pillars of Eternity, Two Point Hospital

    I started Pillars of Eternity yesterday. It's okay? I want to like it a lot. But I only like it a little. Maybe I'm still sore about losing the starting party :)

    I'm a cipher because I liked the look of the moves best in the manual but the AoE friendly fire shit is kicking my arse. I can't seem to ever find a way to use my best moves, or not with my current party at least. My character is too weak to go in ahead... (Also I fucking hate the toolbar with the moves, why is it so labour intensive lmao, I've looked and looked and can't find some kind of always-expanded mode. There's plenty of room down there for it!)

    Also, this game is sooo fucking bleak and depressing. Heavy is fine if it's funny but this game is just a fucking funeral. I'm hoping it picks up past the first town. And when do I get a female party member?? And plllleeeeeeeease tell me Durance is the worst and most annoying of the lot and that I'll be able to replace him soon..... I literally only just got him and already can't stand him. I like the knockoff BG posh elf and the sexy depressed religious farmer bloke though.

    I've still been playing TPH. Like, a lot of it. Embarassingly a lot. It winds me up but... I love it anyway. I wish I was motivated enough to try and get that enhanced AI mod but I can't be doing with mod managers so it's not likely. But yeah, this game would be perfect with a few tweaks to stop stupid patients just dying in the corridors instead of going to my other perfect hospitals.

    The multiplayer shit to unlock some items is soooo annoying, luckily this game is still popular on steam and it's not too hard to find other people in the same stupid boat. I mean what was Sega even thinking? Either people like Theme Hospital or they don't. It's not some kind of fun multiplayer party game I'm gonna buy for my friends and ask them to try out. The way the MP objectives work? They have to be really dedicated players! Oh yeah I'm just gonna brainwash my friends into enjoying these kinds of management games, your sales strategy is so smart and sexy wow.

  • 18/08/2022 Pillars of Eternity, Two Point Hospital

    Still playing PoE and TPH! I think I've finished all the MP stuff in TPH but I'm still helping other people. Not gotten a lot further in the campaign due to my stupid need to get 3 stars even on hospitals I hate and that there's no special reward for...

    I got to the end of Act 1 in PoE and I have a way better party now. (Also I respecced a little now realised I don't want wide AoE attacks!) I was okay with my previous one (minus awful stupid Durance) but now I have, god, what is her name, Pellegrina, Palestina lmao instead of Grieving Mother. I think her politics are going to cause me issues down the line but the party balance is way better now (I am also a cipher, and sexy farm boy could have done with someone less fragile on the front lines with him) and the banter is more fun too :) And she's soooo pretty I want to touch her shiny feathers (she would kill me but maybe worth it. Omg just like sexy farmboy and Sagani's dog. fox. I'm starting to think I don't pay appropriate attention. Btw I wish all the characters had a pet slot, my inventory is a little menagerie because I think it's wrong to put them in the chest, and it would be sooo cute!)

  • 23/08/2022 I hate Pillars of Eternity and Two Point Hospital

    Not been playing games this weekend. It could just be that I go through cycles on these things (as you've probably noticed if you've read anything on this site before today) but I think it's the games themselves. I've kind of burnt myself out on TPH. I went back and got 3 stars on some of the early hospitals I missed it on and now I need to start the 3rd exploded power plant one but... I don't want to lmao. I am so tired of trying to lay out a nice first building which never lasts anyway.

    And PoE? It was going great until I got to a quest that made me hate the game. It's investigating some disappearances. You interview some witnesses/relatives/friends/whatever. There's 3 of them. One points you to a particular place. Another points you to a particular person who frequents that place. So that's more than enough to go there, right?


    Of course it's fucking not. You need the third hint to go to this same character. One of their subordinates sees which way the wind's blowing and tries to save themselves by helping you. Can you put the screws on this weak link without the ~vital~ 3rd clue?

    Lmao no, did you think this was an RPG or something? Those reputations you've been building up are just for show, as is the dialog interface, obviously.

    You can investigate the suspect's house. But you can't get through either of the entrances to their secret murder den without this helper giving you the key.

    Did you put points in lockpicking? Awww bless. Did you think maybe using the game mechanics for finding secrets + high perception would help? Or that a physically strong character could break the door down, or anything else we've seen before? Haha awww. That's so cute

    The third clue I didn't want to get because it involves being harsh to someone who, at this point, is clearly grieving a murdered relative, and my character wouldn't do that. So I went to the suspect with all my evidence. And one of the accusations I could make named a name and I thought that was a bad idea. So I said the other one.

    And was forced to say the other one too.

    And even then, this character is literally standing there failing to convincingly shrug off these accusations and... nothing. There is nothing you can do.

    You have to go back to the third witness and be mean to them (FOR THE PRECISE NAME! SHE ALREADY GAVE ME A VAGUE RECOLLECTION THAT LINED UP WITH THE OTHER WITNESSES' DETAILS) so you can take that back and proceed with the quest.

    Yeah, that was three days ago and I'm still seething about it, evidently!

  • 02/09/2022 Kyrandia 2: Hand of Fate

    Played some more Kyrandia today. I am to the rainbow bridge. I remember this being super fun but... it's tedious lmao. Well, maybe it was just because I played for an hour getting from the centre of the world to there. I want to see the rainbow bridge... I want to play the towers of hanoi game... I want the ACTION SEQUENCE!!!!!!!! But not today. Or at least not right now :)

  • 06/09/2022 Kyrandia 2: Hand of Fate, Jill of the Jungle

    I finished HoF! And only died at the end twice. Left first was burnt into my brain, the rest not so much (RIP thrown into gears Zanthia; squished Zanthia).

    What will I play next? I kept meaning to get the first 2 Thief games on the GOG sale but I forgot (I never played them. I want to become an insane Garrett/Viktoria shipper. I know I have it in me. It was maybe my first ship, back when I used to just watch the cutscenes over my dad's shoulder...) I think I have 3 on CD and idk where it is. Omg, I just looked and checked if I had any of them as installers on my pc and I found JILL OF THE JUNGLE which is free on GOG I found out recently. So I am going to install that as I soon as I upload this :)

    I finished the first Jill of the Jungle game just before midnight :) (I kind of forgot all the animal transformations until they happened...)

  • 07/09/2022 Jill of the Jungle 2, Arena, Dishonored

    I played most of the 2nd Jill of the Jungle game, then I got fed up. How is it not as fun as the first when it's basically the same? But it's not.

    I tried to play the first Elder Scrolls game Arena. I am too stupid to work out how to actually attack rats and not simply raise my fists threateningly at them. Between needing to look that up + how to remap the keys to wasd instead of arrows, I am just not taken enough with it to continue. But I kind of want the sparkly lady to talk to me in my dreams like she promised she would...

    It's made me want to play Oblivion again... I can't remember when I last played it. Maybe before Skyrim came out? But I've definitely played Morrowind again since then...? Poor neglected Oblivion, which I'm not gonna play today 'cause I'd want to mod it from scratch again hehe.

    Sooo spinning the wheel right now, my main options are giving PoE another chance, getting back to my TW3 save from like 3 years ago I abandoned and decided to keep for when I'm stressed 'cause I don't really like it but it's a distraction (and I AM stressed!! But mostly because I think things are going to get even worse!! So maybe I should save it for that?!), hmm what else idk there is something else. Quake!!! Q3A I mean. Oh... and the Dishonored DLCs? Choices choices. Cliffhanger ending for you my dear website readers.

    Okay, so I started The Knife of Dunwall and it took me a minute to remember the Dishonored controls, and 2 hours to hit some kind of bug. I can't turn the valves in the slaughterhouse. Sooooo that was a big fat waste of time. I replayed almost entirely the main campaign over a different kind of bug (thank god steam fixed that stupid sync alert) but this just didn't grab me.

    Maybe I'll go back to it some other time and treat it more as a fighting game. It is just very aggravating to climb and watch and wait and sneak and then ~bug~. (I don't give a shit about the idea that Daud has never killed an innocent person before - or that Jessamine was 'innocent', frankly - so the high chaos ending seems fine to me and not worth avoiding.)

  • 08/09/2022 Stardew Valley

    I'm playing Stardew Valley again! I meant to start a new game back when the night market was introduced, but I think I got burnt out on updating all my mods (including all the texture mods I made myself). So I'm just playing the vanilla game this time. I'm glad I can change clothes. I wish I could move my fruit trees though. I just planted my first one and I'm already like... I shouldn't have planted it there... Oh well! :)

  • 10/09/2022 Stardew Valley

    I played so much Stardew Valley over the past two days, I bruised my hand... oops. It's such a tense game without the time pause mod I used to have... I'm trying to be chill anyway and not focus on the bundles overly much. I already feel pressured into some things like sucking up to the green hair lady to get the new tea recipe. I don't like her!!! I like Jodi. (The recipe is in the post, so byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Mrs. Green Hair)

    The last time I played was, god, I guess 5 years ago. In my late 20s I already found a lot of the romance candidates offputtingly childish, but it's worse this time. My only real choices are Emily, Harvey, Leah and Elliott (I'm pretty sure Penny and Haley are the same kind of age too, but they're sooo immature). That's okay, they were most of my favourites anyway. But it's so funny. Harvey was a boring old man before. Now he's husband material. And I've gone from thinking Shane could be some people's ideal bad boy - but not mine - to wanting to be able to hit him with my axe...

  • 15/09/2022 Stardew Valley

    Sometimes I really hate Steam and its stats. Apparently, in the past week, I've played about 10 hours of Stardew Valley a day... Mostly I really hate having my health problems but this kind of free time is a silver lining!

    I'm having so much fun! I'm dating Harvey (the date is so cute, and on my way to it I picked up lucky shoes from the train... omg... a sign...) and my house and farm are adorable. Eventually I will upload some pics but rn I just want to play again :)

  • 19/09/2022 Stardew Valley, Just Cause, Huntdown, Quake 3 Arena

    I've been playing more Stardew Valley!

    Today I started a game I just recently bought (along with some of its sequels): Just Cause. I really want to like it... but it's literally physically painful to play once you get a little while in and you are constantly circled by a helicopter. It's literally agonising, you cannot shoot it down because it's ~friendly~, you cannot outrun it. Just. Constant. Fucking. Helicopter noise. To turn it down means turning down the whole game's sound pretty much. Fucking unplayable, but I only found out just over 2 hours in so I can't get a refund. :( I'm going to try anyway and hope they're merciful... (Because the game has stupid savepoints, I made and ate my dinner in the middle of my supposed 2.1 hours... I didn't mention this in my help request but it's the next trick up my pathetic sleeve)

    Maybe I will play Just Cause 2 or maybe something else. Ugh, that helicopter is still ringing in my ears! It was so fun until then, even though it was old and a little janky.

    I played some more Huntdown. Omg... it's so stressful... and so hard on my fingers...

    I finally tried Quake 3 Arena on steam. Nearly tore my hair out trying to get it to run in 4:3 (I don't want widescreen!!! I don't want to mess with the fov...). Anyway what a game, I love it, even if I have to play it with crazy screen tearing. I wasn't sure who I'd be but I decided to go with Hunter again. I just feel like that's me in Quake, and has been for.................. 23 years..........

    And steam did refund Just Cause for me, bless 'em! Now I won't have mixed feelings about starting 2. Tomorrow... it is nearly my bedtime and I think I should play some Stardew Valley :)

  • 20/09/2022 Just Cause 2

    I tried Just Cause 2. It's fun so far! I find the grappling hook hard to get to work, though.

  • 27/09/2022 Thief

    I haven't been gaming much. Too much website stuff. But today I started Thief 1 :) So far it's easy-peasy... I guess that will change soon!

  • 10/2022 hmm...

    This was not a gaming month! I think I drunkenly loaded Thief, realised I couldn't play it that drunk; maybe played 1 day of Stardew that same night?? And otherwise, I just checked some locations/conversations in FNV here and there.

  • 01/11/2022 The Sims 3

    I started remaking Monte Vista again today and was building for a few hours. Will I do that tomorrow? It is a mystery!

  • 29/11/2022 The Sims 3, Pillars of Eternity

    I've been playing a fair amount of Sims 3 this month! I wrote about it in the sims diary. :)

    I also apparently gave PoE another chance on the 10th. I think I played for an hour or two. (haha okay, 7.6 hours according to Steam... uh... "in the past 2 weeks", last played 10th? Okay, I'm not the only one struggling to judge this, I guess!)

  • 29/12/2022 Metal Slug 2

    Not a lot of gaming this month (not any??), but today I bought and completed Metal Slug 2 in an hour. On the one hand, that's one of my fastest ever buying to playing; on the other hand, I have been playing this game for more than half of my life lmao so I don't think it counts. But now I own it!! The only reason I played it all including the super boring last stages was to unlock them. That's bullshit that I have to... and I only needed to unlock the 2nd level really and maybe the 3rd 'cause that one's alright too. But it's the 2nd level that's my favourite and why I bought it :)

    My husband bought me Dwarf Fortress for xmas so maybe I'll be playing that soon! Or maybe next year by now :)