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Box art, shiny Imperial dragon symbol on a black background. So bland

2011 - PC - Bethesda

I loved both Morrowind and Oblivion a lot, so I was sooo excited for the release of Skyrim. I did a special big playthrough of Morrowind and Bloodmoon, which I hadn't finished previously, to get me all Solstheim-hyped. And it worked I guess. I preordered Skyrim - I don't preorder things often - and I died when it was delayed by a whole day in the post and everyone else in the world was playing Skyrim and CATCHING THE SALMON IN THE RIVER and I was crying and sobbing and wailing

I've replayed all 3 games several times since then. I absolutely adore them, and Skyrim especially. With some mods for more flowers and trees (like this one), it's the prettiest game ever, and I can't get enough. I'm perpetually in the middle of a Skyrim playthrough. I've actually never finished Dragonborn, so technically I've never finished Skyrim...