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Box art, tattered parchment or banner with an Imperial Morrowind symbol

2002 - PC - Bethesda

One of my favourite RPGs! I had two first introductions to the Elder Scrolls series. The first was playing what I was sure was a demo of Morrowind on a cd that came with a gaming magazine, close to when it came out (no later than 2003, I'm sure). But, I've looked into it since then, and Morrowind never had a demo. I was so sure it did and that that was why I never progressed past Balmora. But I guess it was a pirate copy, and I was just stupid! And/or easily distracted.

My second first introduction was watching a friend play Oblivion (2006) on xbox, in late 2007. He let me play his save a bit and I was just causing trouble in the waterfront district. I think his character was a vampire! I thought it was some kind of medieval-fantasy GTA pretty much. I couldn't really parse the advanced graphics (yes, go ahead and laugh) as being a game anything like Icewind Dale...

Of course, you can play Elder Scrolls games as medieval-fantasy GTA... and I sometimes do :)

And a few years after that I found out Oblivion was a pc game too. I don't know if it was only after starting it or maybe even finishing it that I realised it was the sequel to Morrowind, but I got and played that, too. The "full version" lmao, though I do still to this day tend to linger in Balmora...

This game is still so beautiful and fun! See for yourself :)