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Box art, a futuristic samurai looking out over a desert with two moons

2018 - PC - LoFi Games

Kenshi, Kenshi, Kenshi. It's the worst game ever. It looks like shit. It loads and plays like shit. It's set in a shit world full of shit people and makes you feel shit. And I LOVE IT!!!!!!! It's very hard to describe. It's like my dream mix of classic Fallout and The Sims, except not, because it's shit. It doesn't have the good points of either. It kind of has all their worst points, actually.

Please, play it if you get the chance. There's nothing like it, but it's also the quintessential computer game.

I say it's ugly, and it is, but it also has some stark beauty in its landscapes. I like it a lot. Play Kenshi! (Try not to lose any limbs! Or maybe do it on purpose! That's a strategy!)