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TS3 modding notes

Everything I half-remember from having a full install can't help me now... so maybe writing this page can :)


Parties that are better than 'great' should fulfill wishes related to great parties!

The film posters that come with Pets are broken and can't be recoloured, but there's a fix

Most horses are not polished to a smooth sheen in real life, and now things can be the same for sim horses (horse sims?)

There's a bug in the system for romantic gifts that sims get from other sims (you know, like flowers, flatscreen tvs, the usual). This mod fixes it by disabling the gifts entirely and has options for less or no offers for dates :)

The "get to know" interaction doesn't work well. There's a fix here for the chance to discover traits, but I don't recommend their fix to make all regular traits discoverable unless you don't have another mod that edits the traits xml or you don't mind combining them yourself. I use this one instead, which is scripted and won't conflict with anything. The tradeoff is that there's no strings for these badly-made traits, so the message popup ends abruptly (they show up fine in the UI). But it doesn't really annoy me (or, not more than combining xmls!)

The fix for houseboat lag is a no-autonomy mod.

The Smooth Patch isn't exactly a fix, but it feels like one!

Lighting tweaks

Most of the lights in the game don't cast an appropriate amount of light in appropriate directions. This fixes that. Similarly, most windows don't let the right amount of light through, unless you install this.

There are lots of pretty lighting overhaul mods, but I really like the lighting/water colours of Monte Vista, and in the WA worlds. These mods improve shadows without overwriting what makes worlds unique.

This mod gives a bunch of tiling-looking objects (bookshelves etc.) the counter shader, so they light up as one object.

Education: homeschooling, homeworld uni

Part of Careers base mod (? is it just me or does the documentation suck since twallan quit? like there is NO documentation for half of those modules?)

Need to get daily homework from computer/city hall or disable with NRaas > Careers > Home Schooling: Disable Homework

Therefore, if your teens are not Homeschooled (Careers mod Schools module) or on some sort of extended school vacation (SP Career module)

above about setting up homeworld university implies I can also set up school holidays with SP Career

Instructions are there for setting up hw uni, I'm gonna use these rugs. (Their link doesn't work and that woman was a fucking nutter anyway, every other day she was flouncing because ~people only loved her for her rh rugs~ like yeah that's how it goes, people go to your site for the stuff on your site... at one point you had to personally email her so she could email the files to you. Because she felt overworked or whatever???????? oh my god the memories... now if only I could remember something useful)

SP documentation implies, with its Careers module, it's sufficient by itself for homeschooling?

I've kind of been thinking I will have school rh rug after all. I like the after school clubs and the field trips. I just don't like that it's every day. I wonder if I can change the days, or maybe giving long holidays will be enough for me. It's just so boring when they're at school all day... plus it's no good for all my farmer sims hehe

These Career StoryProgression options look good:

  • School Holiday By Season - Specifies which seasonal holidays are considered days off for school students
  • Summer Off - Specifies which schools use "Summer Off Days" to determine days off during the Summer
  • Summer Off Days - Specifies which days during Summer to consider a day off from school (Used in conjunction with "Summer Off")

With my 20 day years and summers entirely off, that's a 15 day school year of which 3 days will be off for seasonal holidays. 12 days max, and considering weekends, maybe sometimes 8, and never more than 10. That's not so bad :)

Other children-related mods

I can use this mod to get rid of curfew so long as I don't install Careers, it seems. (I think the main thing I need it for is homeschooling and placeholder careers, which I think I can do without. I used to love getting everything NRAAS had to offer but now I just can't be doing with all the config. Still gonna get MC and SP at least though.)

changes to the generations scolding action, chiefly making it player choice for active sims

breastfeeding mod

All traits (that won't cause glitches) available to roll from birth (most of them ofc don't do anything until they're older, but at least they can have wider adult personalities!)

Todders don't have a valid naked outfit - this mod enables the default nappy for this category

If you wish kids could play violin, garden, use hottubs, or a bunch of other stuff they lacked animations for, this set of mods is a godsend.

Disabling EP-specific annoyances

No university mascot welcome (sims asylum requires sign up... it's annoying, but the mods are good). Technically this only super extends the time before it happens, but that's good enough for me.

To get rid of social groups used to take tuning mods, which were prone to conflict because of how the social group stuff was literally tied to each individual action. Now we have this script mod which is a much cleaner way to do it! If you have my old mod rina_nosocialgroups, delete it and use this instead :) (And to disable phones, if you had the phone variant, check further down this page!)

Disabling imaginary friends scary scary gross gross thank you twoftmama you are my saviour

I don't know if inactive sims can die from vending machines, but just in case, I never used them. With this mod I can :) | Apparently, they don't use vending machines at all without a mod like this! Which also has fun features like letting your actives choose what snack/drink they want from the machine.

Disabling store-specific annoyances

I'd like a mod to disable the rare exotic egg from the chicken coop. I don't like free money and I hate that it rots if you ignore it... I can't find one, I guess I'll have to make one. This is a mod for the chicken coop I still need to test: 1-3 eggs instead of 2-6, no "golden egg"/"rare exotic egg" and no rotten egg. (It works? I think? No weird eggs, but always 2 eggs precisely... but of varying quality and everything)

no autonomous chicken socialisation

Does the sauna actually decrease/reset age stage? I don't want that. mod here, but it's potentially broken. Need to edit SaunaClassic_0xd49668fe984f7449 | I think I fixed this. I edited my sauna file directly but you can try this fix if the original doesn't work (it may be that the original doesn't work on decrapped, as my xml was missing a name?)

Disabling autonomous actions

No autonomous computer use - if you believe your sims should do as you say and not as you do, and I do :)

I've found this mod to delete cell phones entirely, but I'm a bit nervous to try it myself. I would use it if I were sure home phones would be used instead. That's what I want for my world! It works pretty well, sims definitely still get at least party invites and opportunities. I still need to test if they call each other on house phones! (they can use a house phone to ring sims who don't technically have phones, so it's easy to set up)

The above mod stops sims actually using their mobiles, this one gets rid of the idle animations. If you have my old mod rina_nosocialgroups_phone and/or rina_noautonomous_romanticselfie you should replace them with these two cellphone mods + LazyDuchess's no social groups mod

I need no autonomous voodoo doll | wishing well | crystal ball

Fix for Isla Paradiso/IP houseboat lag! It was houseboat moving autonomy all along. marydehoyos should get a medal for this one!

No autonomous turning off lights - it's so annoying that frugal sims do this even on community lots!

Seasons, ageing, etc.

I want sims to be elders only pretty late, so I want to disable pregnancy pretty early in the adult lifestage. SP Near Elder Limit is the setting I'll need. More notes on all this here

Settings for NRAAS SP

I love this mod but god I don't half hate it too

Immigration is governed by the "NRaas \ Story Progression \ General Options \ Options: Lots \ Options: Immigration/Emigration \ Immigration Gauge" option, which by default is set to "0" (meaning no immigration). Emigration is handled by the "Lots \ Emigration Ratio" option in Population StoryProgression. By default, this option is set to "0" (Do not emigrate anyone).

Modules I want: Career StoryProgression, Population StoryProgression; maybe Money StoryProgression and Extra StoryProgression

  • General Options:: Enable Progression I forgot this was a setting lmao; Adjust Speed: slow as hell; All Stories: blood and something...
  • Options: Careers : enable Prompt For Inactive Branching; set Work Holiday By Season
    • Options: School: change School Holiday By Season, Summer Off, and Summer Off Days
  • Options: Flirt: Chance of Bisexual Sim, Chance of Gay Sim: teen sims roll for gay first, if they fail, roll for bisexual. So... I think I will do like... 5%, 50% :) Not realistic but idc!
  • Options: Households: Update Household Name: disable
  • Options: Pregnancy: Cooldown: Between Pregnancies: 10 days; Near Elder Limit: 300; Newborn Gender: random; Same-Sex Same Gender: true
  • Options: Romance: Drop Old Flirts: Base Chance: 50%?; Maximum Relationship to Force Breakup: -20; Marriage Name and Marriage Name: Same-Sex: keep surname; Rename Children on Marriage: false (shouldn't matter though because I turned it off)
  • Options: Sims: Maximum Residents: fewer dogs total, more cats;
  • Options: Situations: Options: Grads/Proms/Curfew: disable Curfew Enforcement Days

  • Install Register also to get permanent role sims (and set levels of wild animals etc.)
  • if relationship module (friendly outings, wedding/funeral parties...): Options: Friendships: disable stalker
  • if Money StoryProgression (inheritance, but also a load of tax nonsense... but it stops inactives getting too wealthy hmm):Options: Purchasing Disallow Cars (disallow any i don't want inactives buying); Inactive Purchase Deeds set this super high if I can't disable it; Purchase Rental Lot Minimum
  • if Skill StoryProgression (inactives to use/build skills):Options: Skills Allow Party Instrument true; Prompt to Name Great Nectar false; Push Only Professional Writers true

Food, cooking mods

Sims use the store icecream machine way too much, even if they really need a full meal. These mods can stop that (two ways), and fix the same problem with the deep fryer.

If you don't think sims should 'tidy up' opened bottles of vintage wine...

Recategorisers, enablers, etc.

Not really a mod, but some collections for buydebug items (based on these)

Generations toys totally missing from sort > by function (!)

Build and buy stuff

The build/buy restriction choker here lets you place dishwashers on community lots, cafe bars in homes, or whatever you want.

If you find the multiple layers of grid lines distracting, this override is a godsend.

More shiftable curtains

Other mods

Two flavours for no random fires from fireplaces.

ShimrodsVisitingSituation3Days163 for visits up to 3 days - ignore the 1.63 in the name, all his mods are fine for 1.67

Generations chemistry potions - ability to give them directly to other sims, plus increased effects

autonomous island paradise beach activities!

I forgot that only neat sims have an interaction to clean the whole house (without you, the player, finding every dirty item and clicking on it). It's stupid, but this mod sensibly makes the interaction available to all sims.

Maybe a little cheaty, but I like this mod that means minor pets can't die or run away. Similar tweaks for fish bowls and aquariums.

Swimming should reduce temperature, increase hygiene and, for mermaids, increase hydration. (But it doesn't. Unless you install that mod.)

I don't like the attraction and cheating-reputation changes that got brought in halfway through the game. If you don't either, this is the mod for you!

And finally, if you don't want to see the mod "warning" at the start of the game, get rid of it! :)