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My Monte Vista overhaul

Monte Vegetablearian? Hehe

Here is the final list of community lots (I can always add/change when I'm playing, but this is what I'm starting with):

    In the walled town

  • Coliseum (with archery)
  • Church (with "graveyard" and fete stalls)
  • Tourist information centre/mini-ruins museum (with magical ruins!)
  • Hotel-spa-casino (with fancy restaurant)
  • Pub-pizzeria (with playground)
  • School-library-adult education college
  • Two little parks!
  • At the base of the mount

  • Park with an outdoor pool, playground and football fields, connecting it to...
  • ... a gym with an indoor swimming pool :)
  • Garden centre
  • In the 2nd town, around the big pool

  • Museum and art gallery
  • Hospital-spa-roman baths
  • Cinema-arcade-diner (with rockclimbing and iceskating)
  • Fairground
  • Botanical gardens (with cafe)
  • Up the hill from the 2nd town

  • Ruins and statue park at the old fishery (cat jungle) - with a tiny pet shop!
  • More ruins :) (Just the Etruscan Ruins that come with the world)

I'm going to take lots of pics and write up a guide! :D

Here's my old notes I need to rewrite into a background/history/whatever :)

World domination plans!

I've never found a game, store or cc world that was exactly what I wanted. I'm super fussy and I also change my mind a lot. I always want a temperate island, but that's as far as I get. How big? Should it have roads? I go back and forth. Maybe this is why my attempts to make a world always fail. I think it's because I don't have the eye for decorating terrain that some people like Nilxis do, but also I think I'm just not decisive enough about the earlier stages of the design.

The favourite world I've played in is probably a store world, Monte Vista. It's pseudo-Italian, so not the kind of pseudo-British world I want, but at least it's european! (Pseudo-european...) I have thought about Britishifying it - which for my vision would be turning all the warm brown stone to grey, the red roofs to... grey... and... the blue skies to grey...

Kind of depressing! Also a lot of work, to make sure everything's harmonious. I will replace the climate/sky/whatever, but the full redecoration can wait. I might just bring some of the medieval buildings towards a more Tudor appearance and then I can mix in some more modern English architecture alongside it. (by modern, I 100% don't mean that. What do I mean? Pre-WW2? I don't want to play an actual historical world, but... something that looks like it has a bunch of "friends of ___ building" societies! Something to put on a postcard :) The kind of place I wish I lived in!)

I'm going to rearrange the town, replacing and sprucing up community lots as I go. One of the goals is to centralise things a little better, without losing the rural feeling the parts of the map off the mountain have.

Monte Vista isn't an island, but it has one, and it has some coast both along the river and along what I think is genuinely meant to be seaside, but doesn't really look like it. I can make some IP dive lots if I'm careful, but they're so tricky... it will require fucking with the seafloor in CAW... I need to see if any wonderful saviour has beat me to it and nick theirs!

Here are some of my community lot ideas - it's a constant work in progress!

  • Outdoor pool in a pretty park - done! (pics)
  • Gym with swimming pool, dance studio, tennis courts - done! (pics)
  • Bowling alley-cinema complex with 50s diner, arcade, rockclimbing - done!
  • School & adult education college with what looks like primary school, secondary school classrooms/areas; store glassblowing, UL anatomy... - done!
  • Museum with WA Ancient Egypt, China exhibits - WA+MV Roman
  • Roman ruins and accompanying museum
  • Natural history museum - shell is done (it's just the art gallery but fatter lmao)
  • Aquarium
  • Botanical gardens - done!
  • Lavender farm
  • Garden centre with seasonal xmas shop; aquatics/fountain shop; florist; cafe; coffee/cocoa PYO greenhouses
  • "Hotel" with casino, spa, fancy restaurant - done!
  • Pizzeria-pub - done!
  • Church with seasonal fetes
  • Non-"Art Gallery" art gallery the way sim paintings replace wall art would be fun if you could turn it on and off, restrict it to certain rooms...
  • Hospital-science where it currently is, but rebuild the rh and merge with the lovely walled garden (potentially roman baths-style spa section) - done! (and hell yes it has a roman bath!!!)
  • City hall rh "castle", moved to the 2nd town, with pretty grounds and archery! - changed my mind and built my own town hall + police + military which has pretty walls and maybe room for archery :)
  • a non-LN nightclub? Maybe the pub + casino is enough
  • allotments? or is this world sufficiently rural without?