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Waku Waku 7

Promo art, the colourful cast of characters

1996 - Arcade - Sunsoft

One of my favourite games for a very long time! A lot of my handles are based on my favourite character, Arina. Actually, I still use "Rina" a lot, both online and as my character name in games :) Here's a great guide to her moves if you want to play as her, too!

Once upon a time, this site's layout had a drawing of her :D

Waku Waku 7 is famous (to me) because it has the first singing in a video game. It's Arina's theme, which is the best song for the best character natch, but I'm also really fond of Slash's theme. The whole thing is good, fun and funky like game soundtracks typically were in the 90s ♥ I have the OST as a CD, I'm not sure where it is rn, I wonder if it's official? hehe

I play this game through MAME. I don't know of any PC release you can buy. Apparently you can get it on Switch and you can even play it in your browser!