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Mount & Blade: Warband

Box art, a determined woman warrior on horseback

2010 - PC - TaleWorlds

I'm not sure what kind of game this is (maybe an RPG), but I know it's in my top 5. It's is sooooo fun and it has no real right to be. It's ugly as sin and really restrictive in some ways and I love love love it. So much that I preordered Bannerlord (2020), and I played once in the beta and once after early access release, but it sucks compared to ugly ancient ♥ Warband! ♥

NOTHING is as fun as you and some other hard as nails women (oh, and Ymira, but she's our protegee) riding around raising hell (or, well, restoring order in bandit-overrun villages... distributing agricultural supplies to war-torn areas... same difference)

I love a game that lets me tell a sexist prick exactly what he can do with his opinion, and this is that game and more. ♥ There are some great mods - recently I've been playing my own version of this version of Floris, but for years I was a Silverstag girl. Mods for this game being basically overhauls is annoying sometimes but this is a game that's fun to play over and over again, so it's fun to try new ones anyway :)

Maybe I should release my own version! It's mostly just adding things like female victory cries, better appearances for female heroes, more opportunities for the player to recruit more female soldiers...

Get it here - don't bother with the original non-Warband M&B, if they even still sell it anywhere, this is just the same game but better and totally standalone.

You can try Viking Conquest if you want, but it doesn't really feel finished, it's very shallow. With Fire and Sword was maybe my most disappointing game purchase ever - more than THI4F!1, even. Warband is so fun to play as a female character, but you just can't be one in that. Oh, I tried, but all I could easily be was a 'woman' everyone called sir. If they remove a feature like that, they should warn people!