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Pharaoh & Cleopatra

Box art, very Ancient Egyptian styled, red pyramid bricks and hieroglyphs, a pharaoh proudly looking out at the pyramids and the Sphinx and the Nile

1999 & 2000 - PC - Impressions Games

Probably still my favourite city builder! The art is wonderful and the scant voice acting is baked into my brain. "I've been kicked out of my home, and through no fault of my own :(" "I do my best to give the people what they want :)"

The music is incredible, too. The festival/fancy music is so fun, I love this one too... or this one, kinda cowboy-ish lmao and with a great melody, or this one, so bleak and pretty, but maybe this is my fave? Or this one! Oh, god, just go and listen to the whole thing. Do it whilst you're playing :)

Word of warning, the pathetic lengths to which your city officials (and your unemployed population) don't go to get positions filled is aggravating, but you get used to it. And it's sooooo pretty when you have all your nice upgraded homes and your plazas and gardens and statues (I like the cat one hehehe)