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Metal Slug 2

Promo art, the four playable soldiers on a tank

1998 - Arcade - SNK

Really fun side-scroller. I used to play on MAME, but recently I bought a PC port - it has level select which I love because my fave level is the 2nd :)

Normally I'm pathologically averse to playing as a blonde, but for some reason I've always played as Eri, not Fiolina, even though the latter also has glasses...?

Eri jumping up and down, raising her fist in victory, with text saying I heart MS2 Eri descending with a parachute

Those gifs of Eri are from August 2003 and March 2005 apparently! The 2nd one definitely didn't take 2 years to make lmao. I still have huge folders of screenshots for more... well, maybe now I started uploading this collection again? :)