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Magical Drop III

Promo art, the colourful cast of characters

1997 - Arcade - Data East

My favourite puzzle game ever. It's fun and fast paced and I was recently thrilled to find out that I'm still good at it all these years later!

It's had some ports over the years including one for PC but idk where you can buy that any more. I play it on MAME. You can play it through the Internet Archive!

I prefer the vs mode, but the adventure mode is fun, too!

The character designs are all fun (they are all based on the major arcana). My favourite used to be Justice, maybe now it's the High Priestess? I've always been pretty fond of the Empress, too (well, she's purple and evil, so what's not to like?)

Bright and colourful square icon with several chibi sprites of female Magical Drop 3 characters

If you've seen my avatar on AO3, and one of the ones I use on DW, it's my favourite Magical Drop 3 icon from back in the day. I found some more, but frankly they're not as good!