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The Legend of Kyrandia: Book Two - Hand of Fate

Box art, heroine Zanthia traversing a magical rainbow road high above Kyrandia

1993 - PC - Westwood Studios

I'm Zanthia's no.1 fan and have been since childhood. I'm gonna grow up to be her one day. This game is so funny and charming. Like most point-and-clicks, you can run it through ScummVM, and you can buy it bundled like that, too.

Hint: there's a series of colour/sound puzzles in the game that have the same order, randomised for each new playthrough. Make sure to write it down the first time!

Otherwise, have fun playing dress up with Kyrandia's youngest (and bestest!) royal mystic, and make sure to feed her properly. Hehe :)

The first game is pretty charming too, a little more old-fashioned (unforgiving? scary? If you are 5. I had the poster over my bed as a little girl, with Malcolm on - gave me nightmares lmao!). I've never played the third game, it has a different art style and is, as far as I know, a lot sillier. Also, the 2nd game is the only one where you play as a female character!