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Fallout: New Vegas

Box art, an NCR ranger in their cool armour, holding a revolver, with New Vegas in the background

2010 - PC - Obsidian

This is possibly my favourite RPG ever, if that's not the first Fallout game. I'm absolutely obsessed with it, as you've noticed if you're not new here, I'm sure.

I am writing a novelisation that looks set to be more than a million words, I have more fanfics besides that, I do high effort dollmaker fanart and there's more insanity besides all this in the Fallout section (including, last but certainly not least, THE BOONE ZONE)

BUT THE GAME! It's sooo fun. The combat isn't quite as fun as FO1/FO2 (to me) but it's a lot better than both FO3 and FO4. I like using cowboy guns because it's a cowboy game :) It has great characters, locations (Dinky! Vault 22!) and a great story. The DLCs are all worth playing which is unusual for a Fallout game (don't get me wrong, 3/4 of them are tedious beyond belief for various reasons, but at least they have redeeming fun factor!) Buy it here :)

To recommend some mods (aside from my own lmao): remove the yellow tint, improved performance on the Strip, some rebalancing towards classic Fallout sensibilities... but mainly you just need my sexy Boone beard mod. (Install it after you've been travelling with him a bit to represent both him loosening up about being a shiny bald military egg and also how you're falling in love with him.)