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Disco Elysium

Box art, two weirdly dressed detectives in front of their city, painterly style

2019 - PC - ZA/UM

I missed out on this game for a long time because steam lists it as a visual novel and I filter those out. It's not a visual novel, it's an rpg (with stat rolls and everything), and incredible. Hilarious and touching. You can buy it here, but be aware that the original writers and artists have been forced out of the company by a backstabber who replaced them with a bunch of the most insufferable Londoners you can imagine. Great game, though!

You should also be aware that you will struggle to find people to talk about this game with because, if they're not the kind of cretins who think all of the female characters deserve a horrible death, they're the kind of fake leftists who don't notice that the game is actually about misogyny, obviously, because women are what "politics" is actually about... but don't let that put you off the game itself!