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Dragon Age: Origins

Box art, blood splatter in the shape of a dragon, revealing a battlefield and Morrigan and her magic

2010 - PC - Bioware

One of my favourite RPGs. Great story, great characters, great combat, funny and touching dialogue - it's pretty much perfect.

Its sequels are insults.

I have somewhat of a Dragon Age section here, but there's not a lot there. I was flat out obsessed with DA:O for years until all of a sudden the Fallout bug bit. I feel it creeping back up on me now and then :)

Buy it here! A lot of mods are hard to get nowadays because BW shut down their site. I think tmp7704's proportion fixes and rescaled weapons make the game look so much better. Most of the other necessary mods are on the nexus, like better UI/fonts, Zevran Dialog Fix which fixes a lot more than the title implies and white teeth, probably unrealistic but nicer to look at, haha :)

If you want to romance Zevran and don't mind spoilers/have already played, this mod is a must!