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Sid Meier's Civilization V

Box art, representing many kinds and stages of civilisations

2010 - PC - Firaxis

I love this game so much. I love how easy it is to lose a whole day playing, but it's also easy to just dip in. I think I got into this game a few years late, because I was still happily playing IV and its expansions. But I've never even wanted to move on to VI. I always go naval in Civ games, it seems, and my favourite part of the game is up to around medieval era. I normally played Elizabeth in IV, but I play Dido in V :) And it gave me a minor obsession with Carthage.

I have faint memories of trying to play the first or second game as a child and not understanding what to do at all. Actually, I was the same with IV, I think. I got it as a gift (from my husband?) and I spent my first 6-7 turns finding a good spot for my first city. Which then of course ate my settler. And I ragequit. But now I actually know how the game works, thankfully!

I love this game's soundtrack, I found some new favourite artists because of it! I wrote more about it here.

I'm mad because this isn't on GOG yet so I might have to go back to Civ4.