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Catz 3

Box art, a family of a ginger tabby cat, a fluffy white persian, and their little ginger-and-white kitten

1998 - PC - P.F. Magic

There were 5 (10?) Petz games in total (oh... and Oddballz... and the babiez one...) but this is the best. Well, maybe Dogz 3 is best if you are a dog person, but I'm not and never have been!

My first website was a Petz 3 fansite! And, I ended up remaking vegetablearian.com after a brief stint on neocities - and I found neocities because it has somewhat of a Petz scene.

The game comes with cute things for making your own site. These cat gifs are my favourites. You might have seen them around :)

A scruffy cat wiggling its tail, thinking about pouncing but distracted by noticing youA black and white shorthair bouncing up and downA calico showing you some envelopesA placid white persian walking alongA playful tabby walking with its tail held high

It's such a cute game!

I used to spend forever trying to breed the kitten on the cover; messing with the clock because pregnancies and growth progressed with the real days... :) I still love the game a lot. I started playing it again recently. I absolutely can't see myself getting back into the pet boarding scene but maybe I will offer some cute ones for download some time!

I need to find the box if I still have it and take a pic. I miss game boxes a lot!

Nobody is selling the game any more, but luckily you can download it here - check this out even if you still have your cd, like me, unless you have some other way to install the official downloads (eg you already extracted them, you're emulating old windows) - they don't extract right on even W7 let alone modern windows! And I also need to use PetzA to get it to run.