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Dragon Age: Origins Novelisation

This is a novelisation of my 'canon' playthrough (the one I did first, and always repeat more or less identically).

I started trying to write this for Nanowrimo 2015, and tried another few times after that. I only made serious progress on it for Nanowrimo 2019, the first one I won! The improvement in my writing since then is amazing. It was so clunky, I was headhopping and everything. So everything apart from the few scenes I've written in the last year (since 26/07/2020 when my brain shifted to Fallout: New Vegas gear and refuses to shift back) needs to be rewritten.

The fic

The fic is fairly simple: it follows the events of the game pretty closely (apart from a short prologue of Rina's pre-wedding life, and an extended epilogue after the Battle of Denerim). I haven't written anything from several of the companions' POVs yet: it's only been Tabris, Alistair, Morrigan and Zevran. Writing that out, maybe I'll keep it that way? They are my favourites, after all, and I find their POVs most interesting. (Sorry especially to Leliana, who seems extra left-out as the only romance option not getting to narrate.)

Rina Tabris had a Midlands accent before Sera was written and voice-cast, but god, what validation :) I don't know if Sera's accent is supposed to be a Denerim accent, a Denerim Alienage accent, or what - but I'd envisaged it as a Denerim accent.

Rina's not only an obvious self-insert for accent reasons, though. But she's definitely me-as-a-Tabris-rogue-Warden, not really me. We have a bunch of other things in common, like an interest in herbalism and an unrequited crush on Morrigan.

The fic is mostly a Tabris/Zevran fic, but she gets with Alistair first. That's what happened in my first playthrough. And I would swear blind that we broke up after an argument after Redcliffe, but I've scoured and scoured the dialogue files in researching and writing this fic, and I never found a conversation that lines up. But that's what happens in the fic: she breaks up with him because he misled her and won't marry her. (Then she gets with the guy who pretends he doesn't even have feelings for you... haha, what can I say, I love drama.)

Apart from romance and romance-related-drama, I love writing about friendships. The friendships between Morrigan and the other main characters are probably my favourites. I also like how Tabris and Alistair remain friends, as do Alistair and Zevran.

There's also cool dragon fighting and stuff.

Rina Tabris

There's more info about our heroine who cheats death and shems at every turn on this page. Pictures, too!