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background image made from backgrounds by voyagergrafx on tumblr

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  • smiley face I think is an old Trillian smiley?


I made this website myself, but my husband helped with some 'modern' stuff like divs (which I'm still getting to grips with) and my cool css rainbows :) I would credit him, but he probably doesn't want his name as a professional web developer associated with a glorious work of art like this (I swear, nobody has any taste any more).


I made the pikasoldier from official Pokemon and Team Fortress 2 art. Isn't he sweet. The background is again by voyagergrafx


I think all my cursors are from Chroma Luna Designs and Totally Free Cursors, but I edit them, too. Those are good places to look for cursors, in any case :) This helped me get an animated gif for the link hover cursor! ❤

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