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Sims diary!


My middle click is on the fritz which makes playing TS3 nearly impossible for me! Maybe I can fix it. I don't want a new mouse. I like this one! It's sooo lightweight and doesn't have any unnecessary buttons. I wish TS3 had better keymapping or something though so I could idk hold end and twist the camera. I don't like the ctrl+wasd camera controls, I already use wasd for screen and I like being able to use them oppositely, like panning or wtf :(


I've gotten used to pressing really hard to use middle click. Also, I'm experimenting with the ctrl+wasd camera controls but ugh, it's so clunky to not be able to move and tilt at the same time.

Yesterday, I finally completed the separation of the saucer section pizzeria and pub! And the pub got new blue umbrellas when the red ones went with the pizzeria, it looks really cute. I also took 2 tables from the covered porch thing and added some of those cute store hanging chairs :) They both playtest nicely - sims prefer to eat from the diner (they don't seem to use the cafe bar much?) than the candy floss and snow cone machines I added to the square with the carousel (and the two kissing booth sims who are running the 'fair' :D), and the pool table has become more popular than reading at the pub, though people still do that too :)

I'm not sure if they eat from the buffet table I put in, which works great with icarus_allsorts' mod to 1. enable it for lots like this and 2. choose the food. I chose fish and chips (vegetarian, natch) for a classic pub meal and then the tofurkey dinner, macaroni cheese and apple pie as a carvery menu. The turkey is great (though idk if people have turkey in carveries... beef, gammon? maybe turkey too), and the macaroni cheese is kind of a stand-in for cauliflower cheese, maybe the most controversial 'veg' - sims don't really do separate side dishes, so this was the likeliest option. And the apple pie is actually correct. Maybe slight preference for crumble, but they don't have that in the sims, just pie or cobbler. And a cobbler is more like a crumble, but they're not really something we do, so pie it is :)

It's easy to make everyone on the lot sit and eat by choosing the 'dine with' option. The only problem is, they're obsessed with getting behind the bar. I made it a continuation of the counter (as much as I could - the top shares a texture with the skirt of the tablecloth, as well as the napkins, so you have to go fabric. 2 channels for the tiny hardly visible platters though...) and moved the nectary register around so you can pretend she's the bartender and doing the carvery. But the illusion, weak as it is, is spoilt by sims going round the back! So I flipped it 180 but no, they still love to go around. I think maybe they wouldn't if they could access the side, but that would look worse most of the time: when not in use. So it just has to be like this, and it's not too bad!

I've also been playtesting a lot, or more like just playing :) I got this mod: annoyance disabler. Does what it says on the tin! I think I overlooked it because I filter by EP installed and it's marked as requiring SN and ITF, which it doesn't. It just doesn't disable the annoyances of those EPs... 'cause they don't exist :) I replaced two old faithfuls: bluegenjutsu's mascot disabler and Anach's no free ingredients in fridge. And it does even more, like those awful "MOVE TO A NEW TOWN" (on your new save you just made) and all the rest.

I'm having one small problem which is errortrap resetting sims playing basketball. Not all of them! Just some. All I found is this thread about someone getting CTDs, which I'm not, thank god. It's just resetting sims doing "Work out until fatigued" I assume due to SP because it says user-directed because of "A null value was found where an object instance was required" which is some kind of animation I think, "Sims3.Store.Objects.Sims3.Store.Objects.BBallHoop:WorkoutAnimationWithoutIdle". But it's so weird 'cause I watched sims playing loads of basketball and not resetting. Hmm :S