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Sims diary!


I'm working on a recategorisation mod, mostly for the accursed function > decor > misc category. Even with only half the EPs and little store content, it's a mess. They got sooo lazy in later EPs...

I guess the point of the function sort is that decor has no function and is decor, but that doesn't excuse sculptures/wall art/plants not being in their appropriate categories. Also, it's just my default mode (oh, I guess because it's the only one in the earlier games). So I'm moving things like piles of books to the bookshelves category. The price itself makes a neat divider between decorative and functional objects :)

My method so far:

  1. browse S3OC to find offending objects by EP
  2. write down EP, resource name, current category and intended category (in a SPREADSHEET ofc!!!!!)
  3. open the big game .packages in S3PE and find your OBJDs and export them to a package per EP (well, I guess per EP is only necessary if you intend to upload them for other people)
  4. open your new .packages in S3PE, open your OBJDs in grid mode and recategorise to your heart's content! But actually probably more than your heart's content, because you need to make sure the main category matches your new subcategories, even though they are named as to be independent!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

The last step is to finish, test, and upload :) I have succesfully moved one (1) pile of magazines to StorageBookshelves. Only 140 more objects to go! (Actually 131 - I couldn't find the drainpipes and electric boxes, and I decided I didn't really care enough to hunt them down)

I found out this part of the site looks very different on mobile. It ~helpfully~ turns the diamonds into red diamonds... unhappy sims :)

I finished my mods! I want to double triple check before I put them on the mods page, but just in case you want them, here they are. I don't have any plans to do the other eps or even store content. I'm just going to recategorise my actual store files. Oh, I guess I'll do an override for my MV flowers... or maybe I will just remember they're in the lovely new small misc deco section!

I've finally finished the pool and gym :) They are so cute! I ran into a small but extremely annoying problem: I forgot the wall mounted public showers are just... shower cubicles. Which can't be approached from the front. (And they expect people to pay for that!) So shower provision got a lot worse, but oh well.

They've both been HEAVING when I tested. Seems no-one wants to use the pool at the gym, but people were playing footie at the pool, so that's fun. And when my sim was at the pool, I could see people playing basketball through the gym windows :)

I'm nervous to save my lots for export if filthy sims have polluted them (seriously, I'm scared of introducing information from them/the world). So I quit and reload every time I actually start playing. (I'm really appreciating how pared down this install is when I do!) And I'm getting really attached to the sim I keep testing with: Simona Valenci. I'm going to make a special effort to befriend her with my real sim, or even marry her :) She's kind of my nearest neighbour, I think (being nearest to the island I plan to commandeer) so it will seem kind of natural and nothing to do with her weird week of dreams (she ate so much pizza and desserts in one day she got fat; she kept trying to eat popcorn but was physically unable; she kissed two frogs from a wishing well that was built where half of her house had been... you know! hehe)


Alongside the pool and gym, I've nearly finished the arcade! But... the coloured lights in the actual arcade light don't stick, whether I set them in edit town or with a sim :( It's okay but it's disappointing. The lights make it 100% arcade.


I just had my coolest and sexiest idea ever which is to turn a lot set up for fishing into a Cat Jungle lot assignment. There isn't really a cat equivalent of a dog park - though I thank EA for trying to even that score virtually - but I think a place where there are lots of fish, and sims fish, would be the closest thing :)

I don't really like fishing in games. Well, I do, but my dislike for it in real life taints it. When I was vegetarian and playing TS2, my sims fished and grew vegetables to sustain themselves (and the town, there was a complicated trading system, they would box up the food to sell...!) Now I'm vegan, it seems like my sims can keep cows and chickens for milk and eggs only (good job sims farm animals don't actually breed, right?), and buy them from the shop, but I don't want them to fish! Or, not to eat fish, anyway. And with a cat jungle tag on the fishing lot(s), I won't see the fishing symbol and start crying my oversensitive tears for the thoroughly non-existent fish, haha!

Elephant battery farm-lion cub mill is still my fave rollercoaster tycoon strategy, though.

This is the biggest page on my site by far. It's going to get to 100kb soon, and I've added a bunch of images... I need to split it up, and I think some of my oldest notes can be deleted. Maybe I need to move all sims stuff into a sims folder, but that will require making sure all the internal links go back to the root folder (not a difficult problem, just, I'm lazy - too lazy to learn regex, also). But this is more of a website diary than a sims diary at this point :)

Community lot types that allow parties: big/small park, pool, art gallery (but the stupid wall art replacement...), fishing spot, beach, horse ranch

Day length. I'm going to use this mod as a base, and the instructions are good too :) Stockholm time is nearly good enough for me, but I might as well adjust it more precisely. Also I can remove my hated BST. Hmm... I'll go for midwinter and midsummer day length, because the extremes will show up better in how the gameplay feels. So, 8am-4pm winter (I believe I've actually granted another few precious minutes of sun than we actually receive at that time lmao) and... let's say 4.30am-9.30pm for summer (again slightly generous?) but because I am anti-BST, that's really 3.30am-8.30pm. Oh fuck, oh no, I like BST better lmao! Equinoxes are 6-6 and 7-7. Maybe I will make both 6-6 :)

  • Spring and autumn, 6am-6pm: no offset
  • Winter 8am-4pm: +2 sunrise, -2 sunset
  • Summer ugh I'll split BST difference 4am-9pm: -2 sunrise, +3 sunset

Here if you want it :)

Apparently I'm not misremembering, and there is a way to install worlds from packages. Now, if only I could remember where I read this... But hopefully I can then remove all the store content from the s3pack-folder ? And delete the things I'm not using, like most of the rabbit holes. And replace the dress texture. And hopefully, if it's all decrapped, it'll all take in the same way, and I won't need to replace things? If I need to replace things, I just won't bother - at least not for the items I want to keep installed.

Now I've realised I can have objects with role sims on my community lots (I think I'm going to make the arcade-etc. lot a "hangout" instead, something I never used when I had LN and SHT installed, but there you go!) I'm thinking about role sims a lot. And reading about the nraas register mod a lot. And pondering...

  1. I don't want too many sims
  2. but I want lots of role sims
  3. I want them to be inactives not homeless, so my sims can socialise with them
  4. but role sims are supposed to be busy all the time! :(

I can't square this circle... I wish that the registers acted like real careers, with shifts done by sims in those careers. (For example, I wish Simona could work at a food register in the diner her rh rug actual employer will be situated in.)

It's fine to change inactives between role and career


Changing my mind about the offices above the gym. I realised I'd forgotten table tennis. We can have a weird little table tennis club up there. And, maybe martial arts? But then, if military and police are going back in the town, what kind of lot will they be on? I thought about academy, maybe, which means they need the martial arts stuff. But, I also thought I don't want too many visitors. But I want some. I don't want the lot to be dead outside the rh rugs. Hmm...

Just to get this off the top of my tab pile: actual cell phone remover. I trust Arsil but I'm not totally confident about the implications (I don't think it means they'll get social contact/opportunities even, through house phone...)

You can download here a tutorial about turning a save into a .world. I think I'll need this later but rn it's far ahead. And I can't vouch for it. But I downloaded it for future ref!

A helpful simmer has identified that the problem with my fun bowling alley-arcade lights is probably... the bowling alleys!! I'm going to experiment with putting in a divider wall. Fingers crossed!

IT WORKED!!! I'm so happy :)

I've made a weird table tennis office and martial arts office above the gym. In the blue and red offices. And put some deco weights down in the real gym, which feels frivolous, but I hope it makes my sims feel big and strong. What should go in the green office, now?


I decided I definitely want at least police in the main town. I ended up taking off the top half of the gym, more or less. Some of the once magestic atrium is now taken up by a table tennis room, which has the blue office paintjob because it's cute :) And off the same little stairwell that takes you to the dance studio is the new martial arts room, which got the red paint (and some blue "mats" on the floor hehe). And the stairwell itself got the green paint! It's pretty cute altogether.

I've rebuilt ~Città Stellare~ on a new more rectangular lot - the one opposite the pool to the hospital. And I've given it an appropriately fancier exterior. I'm just putting the finishing touches on today :)

I'm getting pretty good at building cinemas now. (I already rebuilt the first one like 12 times trying to get something good). And because I was copying bits of the layout from the old lot to the new one, Monte Vista technically had two for a while. At the rate I was going, how long until every lot had a cinema? :)

I'm also working on the school. That's now going to be in the walled town. The base (and position) is that very long house, 20x60 or something, by one of the walls. I've condensed some of the 'buildings' and about 1/3 of the lot is free - that's because I was trying this for my museum+ruins lot and I might still do that. Monte Vista doesn't need a big school.

So far I've made a kind of combo nursery+reception class, and the art section with a bunch of easels in one room and two glassblowing stations in the other. If I have room for a few more classrooms for older kids upstairs (there's going to be a little school canteen in the rest of the downstairs), maybe there's room for the museum also? And it would look good, this little fake street. But... it means no playground for the kids lmao (they still have all their sports lessons at the gym ofc)

Ofc it doesn't really matter - sims won't play on the playground during the school day or even after. But, I do feel a little bad for them!

There's going to be a playground at the nearby pub, of course? Maybe they go there! :D

There also aren't as many ruins objects as I thought that I think will look good here, so it's okay if the open ruins are quite small.


I keep playing the sims instead of typing about it. Lame right?

I finished the school (it got a playground in the end, I'm soft) and the pizzeria-pub which is GORGEOUS literally THE BEST LOT I'VE EVER BUILT EVER IN ANY SIMS GAME! (no you can't see it, it goes to a different school) (also... I didn't actually build it lmao but I did mess with the shell just enough that I can slightly claim I did)

I need to take pics!

Of the whole world too. I also have finished moving lots around. I got brave and moved sims. I hope this won't get me. I think maybe I am thinking of TS2 or somehing and this was never really a problem in TS3 (like, I think the clipboard saves us here, and that's what it's for?). I feel a little uneasy because I'm using an out of date version of ErrorTrap (one I found in my old files that works with my patch) but ehhhh it didn't say it trapped anything and it's probably all fine! (Cool, now I've got black and white evidence of why my neighbourhood is going down in flames. I can stick an id on this paragraph and link to it and all.)

Next to build is my casino-hotel. I've been researching hotels and what kind of exterior this one should have. It's tricky. I've seen that, with the right windows, you can make a sims hotel that's in scale to your town/the lot but looks like the real deal (as if everything's twice as big, I mean). But with the wrong windows, you can make something that looks really stupid... But, I also learnt that some real architects managed to fuck this up on their real buildings lmao! So, it's probably a piece of piss, right? :)

Traits for my self sim :) Won't be long until I can make her and her house! I'm using this list and ignoring ones for EPs I don't have installed.

  • artistic - I'm not a painter, but I like that it's also got some benefits for writers and musicians
  • avant garde - this influences sculpting which I don't have (AMB) and street art which I don't think my sim will do, but I like that it makes them a little insufferable
  • bookworm - this is the trait for both readers and writers :)
  • brave - I'm not brave, but I'd like my sim to be! Beating up burglars, putting out fires! Yeah!
  • cat person - I am 100% a cat person
  • childish - the additional fun need sounds like it'd be fun to play. And I am pretty childish!
  • computer whiz, couch potato - accurate maybe, but no fun to play!
  • excitable - better than childish, but a little similar
  • friendly - maaaybe? I want my sim to be nice but not especially sociable!
  • good - same as above, but I want the ability to go around slapping sims so maybe not!
  • good sense of humour - this could also make them get along better with people without necessarily making them more social
  • green thumb - actually I have a black thumb, but I love plants! I think this trait is a little bit boring gameplay-wise though
  • grumpy - I'm grumpy...
  • hates the outdoors - might be accurate, but I'm making a world I want my sim to explore!
  • hopeless romantic
  • hot headed
  • inappropriate, insane - I like these but the wrong clothes thing would wind me up for my player sim
  • loner
  • neurotic
  • over-emotional - might make the game too easy in terms of too many buffs
  • perfectionist
  • vegetarian

I think the only two set in stone are vegetarian and cat person. I want at least one crazy person trait (the former do not count!) and one actually positive trait lmao. I think I will cheat and give me a degree so I get that, maybe the social group one too, so that's 7. Hmm. It's spreadsheet time!!! (I was about to load the game lmao... you truly can't keep a stupid horse down)

My spreadsheet was awful but I think I've got it:

  1. cat person
  2. vegetarian
  3. excitable
  4. hopeless romantic
  5. bookworm
  6. loner
  7. neurotic

I mean, that sounds like me, right? (Loner sims can be around 1 or 2 sims, such as the one they're married to, without penalty - but they lose their solitude buff.)


I want my sims to use bikes preferentially but not alone (not really an option anyway unless you make the world chinese/egyptian?)

Why has no-one made a mod to get everyone in MV riding vespas anyway? The WA scooters would be perfect and they're already in the game. I thiiiiiink I know how to do it. I'd need to override the OBJD to give them a price and put them in the buy mode car categories. Then, with NRAAS SP at least, there's a chance for inactives to buy them. But to make sure they won't prefer the cheap cars, I can either reduce the price or disable those cars by setting a minimum car cost of at least 1 and setting those cars to cost 0.

But literally, why has no-one ever done this before? So weird. Well, if I can do it myself, I can also make bicycles more attractive.


Been working on the hotel - finished the casino :) it's tacky and I love it. I was inspired by the animal print wallpapers of TS1! I'll get pics when I've finished the rest, including the spa and restaurant (the furniture is more or less in place, but it all needs painting)

Cars: it works fine to use other cars to replace. I used two from Fast Lane SP converted/extracted to BGC by yvessimlaurent on tumblr. And for a guide of what OBJD name and number, I used danjaley's donkey cart replacements (name might or might not be necessary - name alone doesn't work, but name+number works) Don't bother trying a store bike (with the ♥ basket ♥) or SP scooter because the first just flat out refused to take and the 2nd just spammed me with NRAAS GoHere errors.

Now I wish I knew how to change the built-in patterns. I like the convertible best but I don't very like the pale yellow colour, and if I replaced both cars with it it would be awful and samey. I think a shiny-pearly dark green would be so lovely... and if I could have just one more colour, hmm, idk. Maybe the yellow is accurate after all. But a deep pearly red would be fun :) I'm going to get the people of Monte Vista their vespas too eventually, but at least they have their fun vintage convertibles in the meantime.

I was intending to use some fun TS1 music replacements I found on MTS but first of all, though it was a cool effort from them, they didn't work well. Little audio glitches sometimes, and every track had a different volume. Well, they have to be converted between a million weird formats, so like I said, it's still more effort than I'm willing to make.

But the worst thing? The differences between the US and international versions! I always forget the "real game" has different neighbourhood music (or, starts on a different track?)... it's very strange to me. So I stopped playing with the loading+world replacements almost immediately, but kept the build+buy. But, I miss the Hot Date jazz, which I was kind of used to because I added it to the TS2 folders (so much easier than having to import shit!). And as I was wondering if I could be bothered to try my own replacement, I realised, it's so much easier and more convenient to just make a new foobar playlist with all the sims music I want. I can ~skip tracks~ and everything. Pausing in live mode is no issue for me with a pause key on my keyboard (idk if this is standard - it wasn't when I bought this thing, which has a bunch of worn away keys now. It's like a ~gamer keyboard~ or something (every few years I accidentally record macros and assume I have ghosts/hackers). It was just the chunkiest/most tactile keyboard I could find. I want a mechanical keyboard again next time, I was so pleased when I found out people started making and selling them again a few years ago!) If you want stereo etc. music, use some of these mods from twoftmama :) That's what I'm doing.

But, the next thing is to find the few TS3 tracks I've grown to like, and add them :)

I also found loading screen replacements - I wanted to replace the logo with the base game logo - but again it seems US-specific. And I tried to find the right image to replace for my version and I was sure I had it, but it didn't work, so I gave up on that. The screen itself is fine - it's IP, which I think is quite cute (and with the blueness, not far from default anyway). I just don't like the idea that I'm playing IP specifically because... I'm not lmao. I am just playing TS3 and I want that logo on the loading screen!


I keep wanting to wait to update until I'm finished building because I'm ~nearly finished~ - you can see how that's going!

I've run into some weird snags like having a bunch of aquariums on a lot makes it really angry... I had to split up my garden centre, it's sad! But I kinda like what I've ended up with, mostly, which is:

  • a small pet shop with only like 6 aquariums which looks like the world's smallest saddest aquatics shop, but whatever - at the cat jungle / fishing spot
  • a super cute garden centre with room for a little pond maybe like one of my local ones it's partially based on :) but no fountain-fish world...
  • a small fairground that isn't in a garden centre carpark (boring). At this point I almost wish I'd built the botanical gardens there and just installed the boardwalk store lot on the other side, but I think it's just a bit much for the town. About half of a small fair has come to Monte Vista... maybe the rest got lost in the winding hills :)

Also I just played a really unnecessarily long 'test' of Simona, like 20 days or something, it was great, she broke up with her new boyfriend because on their first date after being best friends for a while, where they had sex in a hot tub, he was like "okay... maybe our next date won't suck?" and they became enemies (it's fun with a Good sim like Simona because they can't do anything about it lmao). She kept trying to win him back and after a long time and many returned love letters he accepted her apology (I know... he should have been apologising for his rude popup message!) But in that convo she found out he was Evil, confronted him over it, and then passed out in the snow in his garden because she was in her swimming cozzie and maybe I should have been paying more attention to that. And he was just like *shrug* and went back in and I really thought she'd die! I was watching her hunger versus the coming of spring... idk if it was that it warmed up enough (it was still winter, and nothing melted the snow) or she's just too tough to die but she pulled through. And I got her a choice of a new boyfriend or a girlfriend, also both her colleagues lmao; and a bunch of promotions... and I bought her some new furniture she wanted (she's very materialistic) and let her cook the meal she wanted just before I exited and KILLED HER AND HER WHOLE WORLD. See, I made sure she ate it but didn't have to wash it up. Don't you wish you had such a thoughtful god? (but maybe not that they smite you because of minor architectural concerns)

I did find out something: I haven't installed master controlller, or not properly, or I've forgotten how to get to it. So that's my next thing to look into.

I'm also fixing the traceried windows from the store, I think the Gothique set. Nobody has ever fixed their wallmasks. I think I actually had it this time but I forgot to test them with all the other building-testing I was doing. Oh... actually I think it slipped my mind because I got a weird memory error earlier that required resetting my whole pc. At least that was fairly painless, but it was pretty scary, so I hope it doesn't happen again! I was worried I somehow managed to import a dds or merge some packages super duper wrong lmao

Saving myself a problem tomorrow: I just straight up haven't installed MC apparently. Also, I notice I was supposed to be getting sims 3 music mp3s and I have not. But I have just been building like mad!

I think now all I have to do is the insides of the two museums? I think literally everything else is done... well, there's no real insides to the city hall (it has a loooottt of empty space, and just 3 rh rugs!) but idk really what to put there. I started to think maybe I should demolish the (adorable) (adorably ugly) tourist information centre - local exhibit - gift shop thing I built and put it there, as well as just some big reception area and some offices. Butttttttttttt idk i don't know (those are different apparently)

Actually the church still needs heavy tweaking, it's mostly placeholder, but the shell is done (unless I swap some windows to the broken windows i mentioned above) and the altar is done and the pews are done and the "graveyard"... IT'S CUTE! but maybe I need to work more into the little "fete" area. It's always a struggle to make things big enough to look at properly but not weirdly big for the world

But not-Star City, the hospital-spa-science lab, the hotel-spa-casino, the two shopping areas (bookshop and grocery rh don't play well together on one lot, or not with my awful stupid little sims at least), the pub-pizzeria, the botanical garden... they are all finished and they look soooo good :) I can't wait to share them (obvious lie but it's true too)

Also before I forget. Simona's evil boyfriend got turned into a mermaid by EA SP just before their final confrontation. Part of how she got him to accept the truce was using these new options like "cool scales :)" "so what are your favourite kelp recipes?" lmao... I don't want to use NRaas SP for these little tests but yeah despite all the problems I have with it, at least random mermaidification isn't one of them!


This is something I must have fixed on my old installs but forgotten about now. To stop the FeaturedItems folder filling with junk, try denying write permissions, but if that doesn't work, just delete it and make a placeholder file with the same name and that does it. I'm going to see if the former works before adding either to my tips page :)

Good news: changing permissions on the advert folder works fine, no issues, nice and easy lemon squeezy :) But I'm glad I looked at instructions because I actually wasn't sure who to deny permissions to (it's "me" hehe) Maybe it's more hit and miss for people who are on newer versions of Windows, or maybe they have haunted computers, who can say?

Bad news: given up on the tracery windows. Look at this bullshit!

That's supposed to be symmetrically wrong at least! In the wallmask there is only half of the big window, mirrored. I got the little one right, but there's nothing I know how to do about this. And I realised I have one pixel wrong still on the tall version (not pictured) but I wanted the set so I can't be bothered any more.

I guess that's also a mini preview of the church :) That's the tower and you're looking in to the bell. But this window obviously won't be part of it any more. The window doesn't even go on this side or level - this was just my easier/better-lit-up spot for testing!


I finished building yesterday, maybe the day before! Finished sorting out my bb cc yesterday.

Which has left me with two big projects: my town photography and cas cc! I have gone through my cas store stuff and made preliminary folders to install. It's nearly a gig, I only have just over 100mb non-premium-store bb cc, I guess hairs are so heavy.

This is all fine but I need to test them a bit. There are lots I think I'll want edited speculars/channels for... and I want to do default replacements wherever possible. It's just a lot to be starting with I guess. The middles of projects like this are so easy, but getting started and finishing up are just so complicated, you have to think so much more! Or I do, anyway.

I also still need to go through my non-store cas cc. I know there are lots of glasses I want; some TSM hair conversions; some store clothing/hair mashups/edits...

Ugh. I just remembered most of the store isn't even maternity-enabled. I can't believe people pay good money for that crap!