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Steam library stuff

Or you could print them out and stick them to things I guess. But I made them for steam!

Some of these are for games that lack them, but most are just so I can look at my favourite characters/a female character, so I don't have to see DLC titles for a whole game, or to get rid of those stupid advert/review images some publishers submit for some godforsaken reason. (Like mate I already bought it... I'm literally looking at the version I own... I don't care who gave it 5 stars!) I'm not totally happy with all of them but they're still improvements IMO. And if IYO too, you can download them :)

CK2, Pharaoh, DAO, FNV, Skyrim, Stellaris, TW3

Fanart: Morrigan by Kim Rukiana, Boone by nero-arts, Lydia and Dragonborn by nanigram, Yennefer by Marta Duda-Żarczyńska. (I can't remember all the paintings and photos I used. The Stellaris one is by Julie Dillon!)